Providing independent financial advice for over 20 years

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We have been providing independent financial advice for over 20 years. We specialise in investment work advising both personal and corporate clients.

We operate from premises near to central Birmingham. We serve clients across the country, both individual and corporate. We speak English and Brummie.

We work closely with a range of professional advisors including solicitors, tax consultants and accountants.

Refer to the Investing page to find out what we do and the Investment Process section to find out how we do it.

We are happy to meet prospective clients at their home since we find that the process is often more relaxing and also information is easily to hand.


We have a wide variety of investment clients with differing needs and our work entails advisory investment portfolio management - that is to say constructing a plan to meet client needs and monitoring and adjusting on an ongoing basis. The specialist qualifications held reflect our main advice area - investment.


Steven Johnson is a Chartered Financial Planner and holds the following qualifications:

  • Investment Portfolio Management

  • Financial Planning Process

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Corporate Financial Planning

  • Taxation & Trusts

  • Pensions

Martyn Johnson is a member of the Personal Finance Society and has completed the CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. Martyn is also continuing to study towards Chartered Financial Planner status.

Exams are of course no substitute for experience.

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Meet The Team


Steve Johnson


Chartered Financial Planner

Steve is an IFA and the Managing Partner of S Johnson Wealth Management with over 25 years experience in the industry. He is a regular judo player and enjoys lightweight camping (not glamping!).


Lorraine Johnson

Lorraine, also a partner of S Johnson Wealth Management, provides administration support for the firm. In her spare time Lorraine likes to play piano and is a keen traveller.


Martyn Johnson


Martyn joined S Johnson Wealth Management in early 2017 having previously worked in a mid sized accountancy firm for over 4 years. Martyn has recently become a qualified financial adviser by completing his Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and became a partner in September 2018. He intends to continue studying towards Chartered Status and is a keen snowboarder.

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